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Your support is very vital for the existence of Mama Ngina Girls High School. All donations made to the Mama Ngina Girls High School are well appropriated for the day to day running of the school

  1. •Making a personal donation – either as an individual or as a group.

  2. •Asking the company you work for to make such a donation. Many companies offer their employees a matched giving scheme to support employee fundraising.​

  3. •Making a donation through a Trust or Charitable Fund. (Personal or Corporate donation through the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative).

  4. •Leaving a request to Mama Ngina Girls High School. (i.e. a legacy).

  5. •Making a gift of property.

  6. •Making a gift of shares.

  7. •Partnering through a school project(More details on the “Partner with Us” page)

Make a donation: FAQ
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