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Student Life at Mama Ngina Girls High School

At Mama Ngina girls High school, there are about 45 clubs which can be categorized as follows:

1. Service Oriented Clubs: Interact, Red cross, St Johns Cadets
2. Outdoor activities:Presidents Awards Scheme, Scouts, Survival Club
3. Academic Clubs: Mathematics, Scan, Literary Council, Jopo La Kiswahili90% of all the students take part in after-school clubs
The most popular leisure activities at the school include outdoor activities such as expeditions, hikes and camps.

ST JOHN AMBULANCE CADETSFirst aid is offered to all students who are members of presidents’ award scheme, emergency squad, and St John ambulance cadets.St John ambulance cadets conduct public duty during school activities such as sports days, inter-house cross-country whereby they offer first aid to any accident victims.
They also represent the school in state functions such as public holidays where they offer public duty.


Most of the times  this role is played by the St John’s Ambulance Cadets movement due to their sharp skills in first aid and Nursing.


The Scouts club has represented the country in regional, national and international scouts competitions. The school always presents two teams; a senior team and a junior team and many a times each of them makes it to top three.


The school has several games and sporting activities. They include soccer, volleyball, handball, cricket, hockey, table tennis, lawn tennis, cross-country& athletics, chess, and swimming


Every year the school holds inter-house music festivals at the end of first term whereby every house is expected to present three items, classified as follows:

1.  A common Set piece for all houses
2. Zilizopendwa, and
3. Traditional piece
The official school choir represents the school in both provincial and National Music festivals. The school has dominated the top slots in the country each year.

The school band presides over many school and state functions such as public holidays in the country

Student Life: Student Life
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