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Welcome to Mama Ngina Girls Sports Team

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mama ngina girls sports team

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Religious Activities

In Mama Ngina, freedom of worship is taken closely at heart. All mainstream religions are officially allowed, the administration however discourages students from Atheism, Idol worship or cults

Mama Ngina admits students of differing religious beliefs: Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, SDAs and Hindus, the major religious groups in Kenya.

Catholics and Protestants worship alternating at the Chapel and the Assembly hall.Muslims gather at the school mosque. Other religions, there being no temple at the school, worship outside the school. So do Jehovah Witnesses. S.D.As go for mass at the Chapel on Saturdays afternoon. Students are not allowed to miss classes on religious grounds although the school routine has been duly adjusted to cater for diverse mainstream religions. S.D.A adherents have to attend classes on Saturdays till noon like the rest of the students.

Events like joint service and Ash Wednesday are compulsory to all students irrespective of their faiths.Students participate in giving guidance to their fellow students and worshiping together. Christian Union members gather in the dining hall on Saturdays and Sundays where they praise God. The Young Christian Students (Y.C.S) also hold fellowship meetings every Saturday from 8.00 pm. Both these groups inspire one another spiritually and share experiences and testimonies of their faith,

During Sunday worship, preachers are invited to give Students spiritual fulfillment. This mosqueencourages students and helps them come to terms with their spiritual selves.

Change of Religion

A student is required to retain the religion as indicated on the admission form.

Since our students are Junior citizens, changing the religion MUST also be approved by their parent/guardian. We however, don’t encourage the students to change their religions

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Outside the Classroom



It was started in 2015 by the Form Fours of the year.With Mr.Peter Muthanga as the patron of the club and still is to date.

 Before then ICT was not popular as it is currently in the school.The club has then taken part in many activities that have contributed to development of ICT in the school.

AGM 2019

During the annual general meeting in 2019 the school had a successful event as the students confidently entertained the invited guests with different articles.



Highly appreciate support from our political leaders that build us to be successful, authoritative, and performing to great levels.

Our very own,   HonAbdulSwamad Sharif Nassir

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