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Multi-purpose labs that can support different disciplines. Biology, chemistry, physics,and ICT. 

Open lines of communication

The traditional classroom set-up of rows of students in front of a teacher can negatively impact lines of communication. It is no secret that more disruptive and less dedicated students will immediately head for the back rows of classrooms where their behaviour can be hidden more easily. However, when potentially hazardous materials are in play, this is less than ideal.

Current technology

The computers  define  the benefits of providing up-to-date technology in the classroom for students. Implementing technology which children are familiar with helps encourage participation and support interaction. 

Improved, durable materials

The standard materials used for school desks have evolved significantly over the years. Instead of wooden desks, which have long proven to be fire risks and susceptible to damage, many progressive schools are now implementing desks made of improved, durable materials.

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Physics and Chem lab
Physics and Chem lab
ict lab
ict lab
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